Lambslaughter by Prime featuring Slug of Atmosphere

by Windy City Dope



This song is a B-Side to the Madman 12". Both songs are pretty dark, but Lambslaughter is a little more gothic and Slug definitely delivered a verse that had me feeling like I was listening to Overcast for the first time. I had toured with Atmosphere for a couple of short stints around the time Lucy Ford dropped. I had a blast and learned so much from the whole Rhymesayers crew, among others. I definitely wanted to stand out as a solo artist. The song is about the trial by fire that newbies have to endure in order to get any credibility. We are ready to slaughter those lambs so that only the wolves survive. Slug came up with the hook, which was inspired by a punk rock song by the Chicago group Shellac. i KNEW I had to get busy on it and just had a dope time getting this song done. Much respect to Slug, Atmosphere and the whole RSE.


released October 23, 2015



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